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STD Serie


August 2016 the GTTrading proudly presents the new STD amplifier line. Three extraordinary electronic, designed to meet the most demanding installations. innovative amplifiers, double differential input to completely stop the ground loop, so that in any condition of use are eliminated all the disturbances generated by the control units of cars. elegant and sophisticated design, all aluminum chassis. Built with quality materials, selected to enhance the most sophisticated installations and ensure the highest level of reliability. Extremely versatile, incorporating a wide range of functions associated with each other and able to configure complex audio systems, without the aid of external devices. STD series is the new way to amplify STEG, destined once again to move forward any reference, in these three models is enclosed 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of amplifiers for cars. The STD line is born to the needs of our distributors / installers to have smaller size for "invisible systems". Small size, superior returns to 80%, possibility of ignition with autosense, (arrival of the audio signal is switched on and off as soon as the audio signal goes away) Input possibilities in High Level, make that the new line STD can have applications on all new cars including electric. To date it was unthinkable to realize the class D amplifiers with timbral performance superior to the AB class, but with this new line we succeeded in full.

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