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All the STEG loudspeakers are produced entirely by hand, in a handcrafted way. Tested one by one to minimize factory faults.

The new 165mm SQ and ST series are the latest upgrades to the Sound Quality series. SQ650C and SQ650 two price-performing kits able to provide strong emotions from the first of the class. Recently on the market they are already the most sold car product in the world thanks to its superior quality / price we have built a new reference for the whole world.

For people who need even better performance in terms of power and music reproduction while maintaining an affordable price for everyone, we have created this extraordinary product: ST650C (with crosoover integrated in the package)


Compare STEG Speakers

Modell System Size Sensitivity Impedance Frequency range Voice Coil Membrane
SQ650 Coax 16,5cm 89dB 4 Ohm 50Hz - 30kHz 25mm Paper
ST650C Compo 16,8cm 88dB 4 Ohm 46Hz - 10kHz 30mm Paper
SE650 Compo 16,8cm 89dB 2 Ohm 48Hz - 6kHz 30mm Cotton & Fiberglass
SG650 Compo 16,8cm 89dB 2 Ohm 45Hz - 6kHz 35mm Cotton & Fiberglass
SQ35C Midrange 3,5" 90dB 4 Ohm 100Hz 28mm Ceramic
SQ30C Midrange 3" 88dB 4 Ohm 98Hz 26mm Fiberglass
SQ32 Tweeter 32mm 89dB 4 Ohm 60Hz - 10kHz 32mm Silk
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